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2012-10-11 09:07:29 by SuperSpaceSmile

One of the best parts of being a film student is that on rare occasions, they give ya some exclusive stuff like premiere tickets or master class passes.

Today me and my pals went to see Hotel Transylvania (lousy translated to Russian as "Monsters on a vacation") and meet Genndy-Mothafucken-Tartakovsky himself! (That's the guy behind Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack, just in case you are an animator of Flinstones era)

Can't say that his new movie has blown me away, but I had a few good laughs and I can understand they were trying to make something for all kinds of audince in there. What was really awesome is a Q&A session with Genndy afterwards. That guy is sooo hilarious and inspiring!

I'm gonna do my best, hoping to achieve that level of awesomness someday! Become better at what you do each day no matter what!




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